Making wine is definitely an art!

And what is most important in all art is the author’s personal attitude.

Robert Parker's recognition


Rossidi Rosé de Pinot ’18 – 90 points


Rossidi Rubin ’17 – 89 points


Bulgarian Wine No.1

DiVino Top 1 wine for 2018

Rossidi Orange ’17

For the 1st time an Orange Wine was awarded No.1 in BULGARIA

1st Bulgarian Orange in Decanter

Steven Spurrier recommends Rossidi again:

– “Rossidi Orange has converted me to orange wines”

– the only Proper Bulgarian Orange wine

Rossidi at the Véritable '16

4 July, 2016, St. Martin, Pfalz

Cordially invited to the Véritable again.

Bulgarian producer next to ‎Gaja, ‎Sassicaia, ‎Penfolds, ‎Knoll, ‎Pichler, ‎Trimbach, ‎EgonMuller, ‎J.J. Prum.

Best Bulgarian Wines '15

DiVino Top 3 wine for 2015


Rossidi Rubin ’13

Rossidi Rosé among the Tops

Zalto already in Bulgaria

“The glasses that have most impressed me recently… the thinnest and most delicate I have come across.
… and would give any serious wine lover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.”

Jancis Robinson, Financial Times

Officially imported by ROSSIDI Ltd.

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The combining of our names Rosie & Eddie Kourian established the foundation of Rossidi in 2008.

Rosie is a Business Studies graduate at the City University London and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition New York certified holistic health coach, while Eddie is the Rossidi CEO, a WSET London Diploma student and Wine & Spirits Academy Bulgaria Co-founder and educator.

Peter Georgiev, a vital part of the Rossidi team and a wine-maker by profession, started off by participating in another Bulgarian winemaking project, and later on in Arndorfer and Steininger in Kamptal, Austria and Allan Scott in Marlborough, New Zealand.

Our ultimate goal has always been to build a strong quality relationship with our customers. We aim at integrity, authenticity & uniqueness while valuing our beliefs, ideas & standards.

The end product our love & continuous efforts ultimately carries the characteristics of the terroir & grape variety. We do not believe in commercially made wine, specifically designed to appeal to certain consumers. Therefore, we pride ourselves in the production of wine that stands out for what it is – a true product of its ingredients!

The Rossidi wines, produced from our own vineyard, located near the village of Nikolaevo in the Eastern Thracian Valley of Bulgaria, are intended for restaurants with regard to wine, wine shops and connoisseurs mainly.

Edward Kourian

Edward Kourian


I believe we can evoke interest by being authentic to ourselves and our values instead of copying someone’s vision and approach.


Rosie Kourian

Rosie Kourian


Seeing something come out from a small grape is pure art. I love the process that unfolds before our eyes every year. And when you are able to appreciate not just the final result, but also the entire process it takes, it can be somehow sensed by your audience! It’s really exciting to be involved in delivering pleasure to the senses!

Peter Georgiev

Peter Georgiev


We have no fear of experimentation and being “outside the box”. The time of the “flavour bombs” is passing away and what is currently receiving more attention are wines that make you think, that bring intrigue in themselves. 






Vintage:          2019
Variety:           100%  Gewürztraminer
Alcohol:          13.5%

30 days skin contact
12 months ageing
NO added sulphites


10th Anniversary


Vintage:          2017
Variety:           100% Rubin
Alcohol:          13.5 %

Rosé de Pinot


Vintage:          2019
Variety:           100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol:          12.5 %



Vintage:          2018
Variety:           100%  Chardonnay
Alcohol:          13.5%
Feature:          Egg-shaped Concrete Fermenters

Pinot Noir

10th Anniversary


Vintage:          2017
Variety:           100%  Pinot Noir
Alcohol:          13.5%



Vintage:          2019
Variety:           100% Gewürztraminer
Alcohol:          13%


10th Anniversary


Vintage:          2017
Variety:           100% Syrah
Alcohol:          13%


originating from the Greek words “oinos” (wine)
and “philos” (loving), it means “A person who has
a fondness and appreciation for wine”!

  • Gewürztraminer & Chardonnay
  • Muscat & Chardonnay
  • Rosé
  • Merlot & Cab. Sauvignon
  • Rubin & Syrah



Vintage:          2018
Variety:           100% Mavrud
Alcohol:          13.5 %

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